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Proposed Law Would Bar State-Run Broadband

A proposed US law would ban states and local governments from offering broadband services. Supporters of the bill say "municipal broadband" crowds out commercial providers, while critics say such services only exist to fill the gap left by the ... commercial market. If passed, the bill would become law as the CONNECT (Communities Overregulating Networks Need Economic Competition Today) Act. It would ban any state or political subdivision (such as a city) from starting to provide "retail or wholesale broadband Internet access service." (Source: ) This would apply whether it was provided ... (view more)

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Supreme Court Could Rethink Online Sales Tax

A Supreme Court judge says its time to re-examine laws that make it difficult or impossible to impose sales tax on many online sales. The decision could mean some states start collecting the tax without waiting for the law to change. Justice Anthony ... Kennedy made the comments in a Supreme Court ruling on a case involving the way Colorado attempts to collect sales taxes from companies based outside the state that sell goods to Colorado residents. At issue is Colorado's policy that any firm which does not collect and pay such taxes must provide extensive paperwork anyway. The ruling itself ... (view more)

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Feds Accuse Apple, Publishers of Price-Fixing

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and fifteen U.S. states are suing Apple and some major book publishers for colluding to keep electronic book prices higher than they should be. According to a report, the alleged conspiracy cost ... consumers more than $100 million during the past two years. According to the DOJ, Apple worked with several major publishers, including Penguin, Simon ... (view more)

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