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Reverse Spyware Attack by Reverting Registry?

Infopackets Reader Bill S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just finished reading your article on how important it is to maintain a clean System Registry in order to achieve optimal PC performance. I have a question for you: I have two computers (one with ... Windows XP and the other with Windows 98); the Windows XP computer has a feature called "system restore" which automatically reverts my System Registry to a previously working state [in case I get attacked with Spyware, for example] ... however, my Windows 98 PC doesn't have the system restore feature. My question is: how can I backup ... (view more)

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PC won't go into hibernation mode with Digital Camera?

Infopackets Gazette Reader Linda S. writes: " Dear Dennis, My Compaq Presario 7000 computer will not hibernate: I always get a message that says, 'Your computer cannot hibernate or standby because the Intel (R) PC Camera CS110 cannot enter a low ... power state.' I went to Compaq Communities [online message board], and received a reply which stated that I needed to download and install the BIOS and driver update for the camera to resolve the problem. Since my camera has worked flawlessly for the past 2 years, I assume that I don't need to download another driver? Please Help! " Side note: " ... (view more)


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