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Difference Between Software and a Software Application?

Infopackets Reader Pat J. writes: " Dear Dennis, Could you please tell me the difference between an application and a software program? Or are software programs also applications? If so, what do non-software program applications do, and where are ... they located? " My response: Interesting question. There isn't much difference between the definition of "software" versus "application", as the two terms are often used interchangeably in the world of computing. Depending on the wording, however, application can infer how something is used. Let me see if I can explain the ... (view more)

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Magic Defrag: Vs Diskeeper, et al?

If I told you that I sat behind a computer and that my job was to pump out 15 articles per week to a quarter million users -- all the while receiving a relentless onslaught of joyful comments and questions from my subscribers, would you believe me? ... A wishful thought. Infopackets Reader 'Heriberto' remarks: " Hi, Dennis, no offense intended, but... are you receiving money to sponsor Ashampoo and all these second class utilities that you suggest [in] your newsletters? The reason I ask is that almost 90% of the software that you recommend [in] your newsletter are second hand software. Maybe ... (view more)

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