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Latest MS Security Tool Requires Windows Reinstall

Microsoft is releasing a major security update to Windows 11 that could theoretically block malicious applications completely. It's such a fundamental change in the operating system that it will require a reset and clean installation of Windows. At ... the moment, most of the built-in security on Windows uses two main approaches. One is to scan any files or links the user wants to open or download, then alerts the user if they match any know threats. This is referred to as file and link scanning. The other is to scan files on the hard drive to look for anything suspicious. This is usually done in ... (view more)

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Windows 11 Gets New Security Tool

Microsoft is trying a new tool designed to block suspicious applications without frustrating users. Windows can decide itself whether running Smart App Control causes more trouble than its worth. The feature is being tested among users on the ... Windows 11 Dev Channel, meaning people who want the earliest possible access to potential new features, knowing there's a higher risk of bugs and problems. Smart App Control brings together several security tools already present in Windows Defender and turns them into an all-or-nothing measure. When Smart App Control blocks an application, it cannot run ... (view more)

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