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Two Steps Forward for Quantum Computers

Two sets of researchers into quantum computing have announced very different sets of results. One claim they've already achieved more powerful performance than a traditional computer, while the others say they've confirmed the potential for ... performing genuinely useful tasks. Quantum computing aims to take advantage of the way particles can exist in more than one state at a time. That compares with traditional computers which store data in bits, each of which is either a 0 or a 1. In principle at least, a quantum computer could be made up of "qbits" and perform calculations dramatically faster ... (view more)

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USAF Retracts Claim AI Drone Killed Operator in Sim

The US Air Force (USAF) official who previously claimed that the Air Force conducted a simulated test where an AI drone killed its human operator is now retracting his statement, stating that he "misspoke." USAF's Chief of AI Test and Operations, ... Colonel Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton clarified that the test described was a hypothetical thought experiment rather than an actual simulation carried out by the Air Force. The Royal Aeronautical Society, the organization where Hamilton made the initial statement, confirmed this in an email to Motherboard's ) Misinterpretation of ... (view more)

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