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How to Fix: Send To Menu Missing (XP, Vista, 7, 8)

Infopackets Reader Brian H. writes: " Dear Dennis, Somehow, my 'Send To' context menu option has disappeared. For example, if I go to My Computer and then browse the C drive, I can usually right-click an icon (which then brings up a menu), and then ... I can select 'Send To -> Desktop' - but the Send To context menu is missing. I've searched Google and came across several Windows Registry fixes, but they don't seem to work on my computer. How can I fix the missing Send To menu? Also, how can I add the missing shortcuts to the Send To menu? " My response: This is a frequently asked question. I' ... (view more)

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'Advanced Shortcuts Composer', and 'Visual Performance Analyzer'

Advanced Shortcuts Composer With Advanced Shortcuts Composer, you can create shortcuts to run programs with a pre-defined destination, priority and keyboard hotkeys to activate. The program offers a variety of different customization features, and ... just might be one of the best new programs for increasing productivity on your PC. Visual Performance Analyzer Visual Performance Analyzer (VPA) is an Eclipse-based performance visualization toolkit. Profile Analyzer provides a powerful set of graphical and text-based views that allow users to narrow down performance ... (view more)

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[ShellX 20061004]:'Drop My Rights', and 'Xp Keyboard Shortcuts'

Drop My Rights DropMyRights is a very simple application to help users who must run as an administrator run applications in a much-safer context -- that of a non-administrator. It does this by taking the current user's token, removing various ... privileges and SIDs from the token, and then using that token to start another process, such as Internet Explorer or Outlook. This tool works just as well with Mozilla's Firefox, Eudora, or Lotus Notes e-mail. Xp Keyboard Shortcuts XP Keyboard Shortcuts contains lots of production-improving shortcuts on a single chart for your ... (view more)

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'Bootloader', and 'Keyboard Shortcuts'

Bootloader Boot Windows XP on an Intel Macintosh. Keyboard Shortcuts This article lists keyboard shortcuts you can use with Windows.;en-us;q126449 (view more)

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