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'Folder2mypc', and 'Services Guide For Windows Xp'

Folder2mypc With this utility you can add any folders and programs to the namespaces, such as My computer and Control panel. Services Guide For Windows XP Services Guide For Windows XP is a wide ranging list ... of services running in XP and what they do, and whether they're necessary. (view more)

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'Win Services', and 'Jetable'

Win Services WinServices is an enhanced Windows Service Manager. You can start/stop services, but also you can view and change all service data such as state, description or name. WinServices allows you to create a snapshot of the current services, ... and later compare it with a new configuration, to see which services have been changed, added or removed. Jetable provides you with a temporary email address. As soon as it is created, all the emails sent to this address are forwarded to your actual email address. This address will be deactivated after ... (view more)

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Disable Windows Messenger pop-ups?, Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about a new spam problem associated with Windows Messenger. Recall: Messenger pop-ups are a new form of spam that exploit a feature of the Microsoft Windows operating system intended for use by network administrators. These ... pop-ups can appear even if you aren't surfing the web (ie: a web browser), and are not related to MSN Messenger. The remedy: Yesterday I detailed instructions I used when searched Google for a solution. Unfortunately, the instructions for Windows XP were not complete and I received a few emails from folks who were not able to complete the "fix ... (view more)

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SVCHOST.EXE in task manager?

Dustin S. from Texas asks: " I purchased Windows XP home edition some time back, and have always had a question about some of the programs that it executes. The program that I am speaking of is scvhost.exe. I have tried to stop it from running but ... this just has the nice reaction of crashing my system. Any help would be appreciated! " My Response: The Pac's Portal web site says that there is a legit version of svchost.exe, which runs on Windows 2000 and XP; however, there is also a malicious program called svchost.exe floating around the 'net. The nasty version of the program is also ... (view more)


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