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MS Black Screen of Death Causes Stir, Issue Unresolved

Since its November 10 security update, reports suggest Microsoft has received more complaints about the Black Screen of Death, than ever before. One security firm is claiming that the update has caused the issue, while Microsoft asserts that the ... problem is neither rampant nor is it the result of the November 10 patch. The dreaded "blacK Screen of Death", otherwise known as KSoD, occurs when a user starts their computer but receives only a black screen rather than their desktop. It means that somewhere during startup process the operating system failed to load properly. The problem is ... (view more)

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Microsoft Unleashes Host of 'Critical' Updates

Microsoft recently released another whack of updates to its software, and many will want to take notice. Of the ten listed vulnerabilities within this June offering are three deemed "critical", another three considered "important" and one ... "moderate". The patch released Tuesday includes three major fixes, including: A vulnerability in Bluetooth Stack that could allow a hacker to make a remote code execution A Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer Like the Bluetooth issue, there's also a fix that patches holes in DirectX which could allow someone to make a remote code execution A ... (view more)

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Computers with prepackaged software, Part 3

This is the third installment on a series of comments based on the following scenario: " When someone buys a new computer (either brand name or clone) that is preloaded with an Operating System (OS), is the seller obliged to give the client an ... original CD which includes the Operating System? " Last week I provided various short-but-sweet answers to the above question from various readers of the Infopackets Gazette. The gist was that retailers are required to provide Windows on a CD, whether it comes pre-packaged like Compaq, and Dell machines do -- or, if it comes with the basic ... (view more)


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