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Google Fights Phishing Scams using USB Key

Google says it's suffered zero phishing attacks since it started making staff use a physical key to log in to work accounts. Of course, it's possible it's been hit with attacks it doesn't know about. The measures were taken to prevent against ... phishing attacks in which scammers try to trick victims into following a link and opening a bogus website that appears to be from a legitimate organization. The idea is that they then type in login details which the scammers can use to access their account on the real website. This can be particularly problematic with business accounts that may house ... (view more)

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New PayPal Passwords Hinder Phisher Attacks

PayPal will soon be offering users a new tool to protect against malicious phishing attacks. The PayPal Security Key is a small electronic device that generates a new six-digit password every 30 seconds. PayPal users with the Security Key will use ... their original passwords as well as the password generated on the device in order to sign into their accounts. (Source: ) "If a fraudulent party somehow got hold of a person's username and password, they still wouldn't be able to get into the account because they don't have the six-digit code," says PayPal spokesperson Sara Bettencourt ... (view more)

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