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How to Fix: Black Border on Laptop Display when Connecting HDMI to TV

Infopackets Reader 'Jackie' writes: " Dear Dennis, I just read the article you wrote about ' How to Fix: Windows 10 Black Border (Shrinking Screen) ' and have a similar question. I just upgraded to Windows 10; I have an HP laptop and have connected ... it to my big flat screen TV. The problem is that as soon as I plug in my HDMI cable to connect the HDTV to the laptop, the laptop displays black borders on the sides of the screen. How can I fix that? " My response: The reason you have black borders on the side of the screen whenever you connect your HDTV through the HDMI cable is because the ... (view more)

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Megaupload, Kim Dotcom Lawyers Go On the Offensive

Megaupload's lawyers say that the United States Department of Justice's copyright infringement charges represent "prosecutorial overreach" and have no basis in U.S. law. The site's legal team made that argument in a white paper released to the media ... on Tuesday. According to that white paper, the Department of Justice is pursuing its case against Megaupload and site founder Kim Dotcom on a "theory" that the accused participated in criminal secondary copyright infringement. However, there's no basis for such an argument in U.S. criminal law. Secondary Copyright Infringement Not A Crime, Lawyers ... (view more)

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CD burner dead after power outage?

Side note: Because this Visitor Feedback section deals with computer hardware, both the question and answer are somewhat technical. Even if you're a newbie, you should take the time to read this article: I've done my best to outline and explain the ... techy-terms in simple English. Infopackets Reader John T. writes: " Hi, Dennis! I'm sure hoping for your help, if you have the time and are up for a challenge. When I turned my computer on after the recent massive power outage ... I discovered I no longer had D (CD ROM) drive -- it disappeared from My Computer under Windows ... The rest of the ... (view more)

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