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How to Fix: Open Shell Search Not Working (Classic Shell)

Infopackets Reader Lynda F. writes: " Dear Dennis, I've been using Classic Shell (now called 'Open Shell') for many years and it's worked great. The best feature about Classic Shell is the ability to search and find files on my hard drive. For ... example: when I click on the Start Menu, I then type in part of the title of a document I have on my hard drive, and Classic Shell finds it instantly. In contrast, the default Windows 10 Start Menu simply can't find anything on my computer and tells me to go to Bing to find it. As if! Anyhow: the issue I'm having is that the search in Classic Shell ... (view more)

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Second Facebook Search Box Likely Malware

A myriad of different brand-specific search boxes have been embedded in the most popular social media and entertainment websites in recent years, so it should come as little surprise that one of the most popular social networks, Facebook, would ... decide to implement one on their main page as well. But the company is bewildered by the latest presence of a second search box, dubbed "Search the Web", which is leading many to believe that the feature could potentially lead to the spread of malware. Facebook news blog AllFacebook was the first to report on the issue, after a number of ... (view more)

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