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MS Rethinks Windows 11 Constant Snooping AI Feature

Microsoft has backtracked on a new Windows 11 feature that screenshots a computer every few seconds. "Recall" will now be an opt-in tool that doesn't work by default. The theory behind the tool is that it would be helpful for users to be able to ... find information from something they'd used or been work on, even if they couldn't remember precisely when and where. That's inherently difficult to do through ordinary file or web searches, particularly if it involves an image. Searching the contents of different file types can be slow, while searching for something that isn't text can be difficult. ... (view more)

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Leaked Screenshots Reveal More About Windows 9

Screenshots of Windows 9 have leaked to the press and they show an operating system (OS) that's a substantial step away from the controversial Windows 8. Windows 9, which is currently code-named Threshold , is expected to launch later this year, ... with a technical preview expected sometime in October. Screenshots Confirm Start Button Returning Experts speculate that Microsoft will blend the best elements of Windows 7 and 8 together, and graft them onto the classic desktop found in Windows 7. Leaked screenshots show that Windows 9 will likely have a Start Menu of sorts - something which was ... (view more)

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Ashampoo $20 Dollar Mega Deal

Why pay full price for top-notch Windows software, when you don't have to? Germany-based software company Ashampoo fully believes in this philosophy, and is for a very-limited time offering up their best-selling MS Windows products with a deep 80% ... discount. And when the economy is in such a slump, who doesn't love a great deal? Ashampoo: Full-Featured Software at a Great Price When you visit, you're greeted with the slogan "We Make Software!" But it's not just any software, it's truly great software. "We've been making great software for over 10 years, and are proud of it," says ... (view more)

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MS Confirms: Internet Explorer 9 Beta Due Next Month

Microsoft has confirmed the beta edition of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will be available in September. The announcement comes alongside leaked screenshots of the new browser. Rumors have pegged the beta release for IE9 in September 2, 2010. Kevin ... Turner, who is in charge of Microsoft's day-to-day operations, wasn't that specific in describing the new Internet Explorer, but it's the first time Microsoft has publicly named the month. The revelation came during a meeting with financial analysts , and there's some speculation Turner used it as an opportunity to hype Microsoft's future outlook. ... (view more)

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AlphaXP Review

Synopsis: Add eye candy and extend the functionality of Windows XP (you won't want to miss this one)! AlphaXP is a *very* cool desktop enhancement utility that adds advanced transparency effects to any Windows 2000/XP computer. It has won many ... five-star awards for excellence and is regarded by thousands of users worldwide. Some of the features have been incorporated into AlphaXP include: three direct ways to set transparency, two automatic ways to set transparency, smooth fade effects, menu transparency, tooltip transparency, taskbar transparency, and much more! To get a better idea of what ... (view more)

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