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Webcam Bitcoin Blackmail Scam Returns

An email scam that aims to exploit embarrassment appears to be back in full effect. The scam involves the recipient getting a message falsely claiming somebody has hacked their computer through an adult website, then accessed their webcam and filmed ... the person enjoying said website. It goes on to claim the hacker has gathered a list of contacts from the user's email and Facebook accounts and threatens to send a copy of the embarrassing video to the person's friends and family. To stop this, the victim must pay the equivalent of $1,900 in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Email Allegedly Tracked The ... (view more)

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Alert: eBay and SquareTrade scam, Part 2

Are you being scammed? Need to know the definitive answer right now? READ THIS ARTICLE and then come back to this page when you're finished (if you like). -- Infopackets Reader Brent W. writes: " Dear Dennis, After Googling for some information ... concerning a possible eBay scam, I stumbled across your article entitled ' Alert: eBay and SquareTrade scam .' Thank goodness for your web site! The *exact* same scam is happening to me as it did with Rupert H. in the article . I was so excited about my 'too good to be true' deal, that I nearly bought a 2003 Harley Road King for $5000 off the eBay ... (view more)

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