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How to Fix: FileZilla Server 'Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing' Error

Infopackets Reader Carl S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am frequently on the road with my laptop and need to access my files at home on the PC. I have installed FileZilla FTP Server (version 0.9.60 beta) and it works fine at home but when I am remote, I ... get the error: ' failed to receive directory listing ', and then it disconnects. I am currently using Port 21 to host the FTP and have added it to my firewall, but I don't understand why FileZilla server can't retrieve the directory listing by remote. Can you help? " My response: I asked Carl if he would like me to connect to his system using my ... (view more)

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Vista Marketing Program Receives Big Complaints

Government antitrust attorneys are reportedly still receiving complaints from hardware makers and other companies about Microsoft business practices, even as the software giant has stepped up its efforts to cooperate with those state and federal ... authorities overseeing its antitrust consent decree. In a recent court filing, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and numerous other states said complaints were received from several companies that manufacture and sell a variety of products that work with Windows. The department has been enforcing the consent decree for more than six years. (Source ... (view more)

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Creating a Rule in MS Outlook

Why would you want to create a rule in Outlook? Well, suppose you are the chairman of a committee and everyone has to send you a report that you in turn share with another committee. Wouldn't it be a lot easier when you receive those reports to have ... a rule set up so that they will automatically be sent to the other committee? You bet it would! Follow the steps below to create a rule in MS Outlook: Display the Tools menu and then click the Rules Wizard command. The Rules Wizard dialog box will display. Click the New button. Click the type of rule you want to create. Click the Next button. ... (view more)

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Request Read Receipts for Specific Outgoing Emails: MS Outlook

Do you have a list of important people in MS Outlook? Do you need to a way to automatically request a "Read Receipt" for these people (but not everyone you email)? In that case, you can set up a specialized "After Sending" Mail Rule: Click Tools | ... Rules and Alerts, and select New Rule; this will start the Open Rules Wizard. Select the option to 'Start from a Blank Rule' (near the top of the Window); also choose the 'check messages after sending' option. Click next. In the Conditions window Step #1, checkmark "sent to people or distribution list". In Step #2, click the link to "sent to people ... (view more)

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More Security Issues concerning the new Windows Firewall

Recall -- Yesterday, I posted a comment on the fact that the new Windows Firewall (present in XP Service Pack 2) does not monitor outgoing traffic. As we discovered, this is especially problematic for Spyware attacks, as it may be possible for a ... Spyware program to extract personal information from your computer and relay it to a third party -- all without you knowing about it. Infopackets Reader Tom M. writes: " Dennis: [in reference to your original article], you mused as to why Microsoft hasn't followed the ideology of full firewall protection. Might I cynically speculate that it may ... (view more)

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