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Tool Bypasses Windows 11 Upgrade Requirements

A third-party tool can help users get round some of Microsoft's restrictions on upgrading to Windows 11. It won't remove Microsoft nagging, however. Although Windows 11 is a free upgrade for Windows 10 users, three main restrictions mean some people ... may not be able to get it. The first is a series of hardware minimum specifications, with even some relatively recent computer processors judged inadequate by Microsoft. The second is the need for a Trusted Protection Module (TPM), a hardware device aimed at boosting security. Many computers either don't have a TPM or have it disabled by default, ... (view more)

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How to Write Bootable .ISO images to USB drive?

Infopackets Reader 'Craig F.' writes: " Dear Dennis, [Further to your discussion on how to download and reinstall legitimate Microsoft Windows on USB or DVD for free ], I just wanted to be sure you were aware of [a freeware utility program that can ... take an .ISO file and create a bootable USB disk in place of CD or DVD ROM drives. The name of the program is called Rufus ] ... It is by far the simplest, most foolproof method I've found for installing Windows, Office, or whatever on computers that [require an .ISO to install something, but] lack a working optical CD / DVD drive. I have no ... (view more)

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'Free Hide IP', and 'Rufus'

Free Hide IP Protect your system from attack with Free Hide IP (Internet Protocol). This program lets you keep your IP address hidden from others at all times. That makes it harder for hackers and identity thieves to find your system and ... attack it. UPDATE: we have received reports that this program is being flagged by some antivirus programs. We apologize for this and have removed the link. Please also review the Major Geeks software policy if you have any further questions (that link is further down the page). Rufus This handy tool allows you to ... (view more)

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