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Internet Explorer: with Tabbed Web Browsing, anyone?

Infopackets Reader Ken T. writes: " Dear Dennis, In mid-May of this year, you posted an article concerning " Which web browser is the most secure ?" In the article, you commented on using FireFox as an alternative to Internet Explorer because it's ... more compact, uses less system resources, and most of all -- because it supports Tabbed Web Browsing. As you have discussed, Tabbed web browsing allows the user to reference multiple web pages using 'tabs' at the top of the browser, rather than referencing each individual page via the Task Bar near the bottom of the screen. My comment ... (view more)

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AccountLogon Review

I visit dozens of web sites daily, and many of them require a username and password. I once used RoboForm to manage my passwords and form field data. Recently, I discovered a program called AccountLogon which organizes my password information and ... protects my data with 448-bit ["blowfish"] encryption -- an encryption level higher than RoboForm Pro (3DES). Side note: A higher encryption level means greater security. In short, it would take a very skilled hacker to "crack" an encrypted 3DES file, and much (much!) longer to crack a 448-bit blowfish encrypted file. What is ... (view more)

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Disable or enable AutoComplete in Internet Explorer?, Part 2

Last week , Rocky R. asked how to turn on the AutoComplete feature found in Internet Explorer. A quick recap: what is AutoComplete? When enabled, the AutoComplete feature remembers (and completes) frequently used form data on web pages. An example ... of a form might be one that asks you a name and password, such as the login form used at After providing instructions on how to enable / disable the AutoComplete in last week's newsletter, I furthered the discussion by introducing a dilemma of my own. My problem was that I sometimes have to revert back to an old image (backup) of ... (view more)


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