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Google To Warn Of Unreliable Results

Google is to warn users when results for a search might not provide reliable information. It's designed mainly for breaking news stories. The warning will be an update feature for the existing "About this result" tool that Google has been testing ... publicly since February. The tool means results on mobile devices now have a menu option that brings up a pop-window that describes the source, with the description taken from Wikipedia. The idea is to give users a quick insight into sources they don't recognize and help them decide how authoritative or otherwise they may be. Warning Message Issued ... (view more)

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iPhone Now America's Favorite Cellphone

Apple's new 3G iPhone has now become the best-selling mobile handset of any kind in the United States. Meanwhile, the original iPhone has earned the title of the 'most reliable' smartphone. The iPhone 3G snatched the top spot away from Motorola's ... RAZR, which had been the best selling phone for three full years. NPD, the group which produces the regular rankings, says this shows buyers are now much more interested in a phone's features than its look. That could be because people want better value as the economy slows. (Source: ) Before anyone gets carried away, it's worth bearing ... (view more)

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