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WLDCore.dll missing; Windows Live Mail won't Start?

Infopackets Reader 'biggrampa' writes: " Dear Dennis, Regarding Windows Live Essentials: I have an error message stating that wldcore.dll missing or not found. I have tried to reinstall Windows Live Essentials but it says it is already there, and I ... have latest version. I have also tried uninstalling using revo uninstaller, but it says that the program cannot be found. When I try to run Windows Live Mail, it says wldcore.dll missing. Any ideas? " My Response: Most likely a Windows Registry setting is corrupt and pointing to an invalid location of the wldcore.dll file. To fix the error, you can ... (view more)

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Secret Update Breaks Windows Update

A stealth update deviously deployed in July and August by Microsoft without user permission has broken Windows Update, preventing updates from being installed after a "repair" of Windows XP is performed. The problem was first reported by Scott Dunn ... from Windows Secrets , then confirmed by ZDNet . Originally thought to be harmless, the recent download of new support files, known as version 7.0.600.381 for Windows Update, prevents Windows XP users who perform repair installations from a genuine XP CD-ROM (not an OEM restore CD), from installing at least 80 updates and patches from Microsoft. ... (view more)

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