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New SmartPhone Trojan Records Phone Conversations

A new Trojan virus affecting Android smartphones reportedly records and stores personal conversations. It's a step up from previous Trojans of this variety, which to this point have only recorded text-based information. The smartphone virus' ... existence was recently discovered by researchers at CA Technologies, who report that the Trojan is significantly more threatening than previous malicious software of this kind affecting mobile devices. In the past, Trojans like this were able to note how long a call lasted, who was involved in a conversation, and was able to record text messages. (Source ... (view more)

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Ghost Control (Macro Recorder) Review

Synopsis: Have you ever had to do a repetitive task on a computer (who hasn't)? Have you ever wished that you could record your actions so that you could automate the process? Well, with Ghost Control, you can! Ghost Control is special "macro ... software" that can record, save, and replay any mouse or keyboard actions you create while working on your computer. Everything you do is recorded: not only mouse and keyboard actions, but also the parameters of any windows environment in the moment of recording. After the job has been recorded, you can then schedule it to run at a later time -- fully ... (view more)

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Webcam Monitor Surveillance Software Review

Synopsis: Turn your PC into into a smart Video Security and Surveillance System! Using Webcam Monitor's intelligent motion detection system, you can effortlessly monitor your home, office, parking area, or any other premises 24-hours a day! Simply ... connect a USB or FireWire Camera to your PC, install WebCam Monitor, and you're ready to begin surveillance! Webcam Monitor is highly customizable and lets you activate video via motion and noise so that you can capture events precisely when they happen. Remote monitoring lets you view / listen to video / audio over the Internet, plus FTP uploads ... (view more)

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How Buffer Underrun technology hinders CD Recording Performance

If you own a CD Burner, there's a good chance that you've come across a "Buffer Underrun" error message. A buffer underrun happens when information cannot be recorded to the CD because of resource starvation. All CD recorders without buffer underrun ... protection require a constant flow of data to be read from the hard drive to the CD recorder without interruption. If the flow of data is stopped, a buffer underrun will follo w. For example, if your hard drive can only read information at a rate of X and the CD Recording needs information at a rate of X+1, this is referred to resource ... (view more)

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