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Popular On Facebook? You Could See More Ads

If you rarely use social networking sites or share links with friends, there's some great news. You might just see fewer advertisements thanks to a new plan from Yahoo. The company has filed a patent covering a system by which advertisers can pay ... extra to reach users with a high "social authority". (Source: uspto.gov ) A social authority ranking would be based on several factors, including a person's use of sites like Facebook and Twitter. The number of friends or followers the person has on these sites would also be considered. Advertisers Looking For Social Network Chatterboxes Through the ... (view more)

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Google Search Results Punish Piracy Sites

Google has announced it will punish websites accused of piracy by moving them lower in its search results rankings. However, there are some questions flying around the Internet about whether Google's own YouTube video site will get special ... treatment. The changes include a minor tweak to the way Google decides how high or low specific sites should appear in a search results list. The search giant says its automated system considers more than 200 factors, but doesn't say how much emphasis it gives to each one. The new ranking method takes effect this week. Afterwards, search results will ... (view more)

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