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'Opera@USB 12.1', and 'Quicktime 7.7.3'

Opera@USB 12.1 This free program for Windows computers is a portable version of the very popular Opera Internet browser. It is compatible with every version of Microsoft's Windows operating system and also supports multiple languages. If you plan to ... use it on multiple computers, including those in libraries or Internet cafes, you'll be glad to know this software leaves no data on the local computer! http://www.opera-usb.com Quicktime 7.7.3 Watch Internet video, HD movie trailers, and personal media clips with this free Windows software. Whether it's on the web or on your desktop, QuickTime ... (view more)

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Apple Update Fixes Critical QuickTime Flaw

Apple has patched two critical code execution holes in its QuickTime multimedia player for Windows. At least one of these vulnerabilities has already been exploited by hackers, meaning the fix comes not a moment too soon. An Estimated Several ... Hundred Applications at Risk We first reported the QuickTime flaw over two weeks ago, when it was discovered that the exploit made at least forty (and perhaps several hundred) Windows applications vulnerable to attack. One flaw, called CVE-2010-1818, is associated with QuickTime's ActiveX control. It can be exploited if a hacker can trick a victim to ... (view more)

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All Windows Users at Risk of Quicktime Flaw

Shortly after announcing a severe iTunes flaw that affects over 40 Windows applications just last week, it now appears Apple's popular media player, QuickTime, also includes a flaw that could be exploited by hackers to execute malicious code on PCs ... using the Windows operating system (OS). Even systems running more recent versions of the OS, Windows Vista and Windows 7, are vulnerable. "At present the security vulnerability seems to be with users that run Internet Explorer. Given the relative ease with which [the exploit was demonstrated], the chance for drive-by [download] attacks to ... (view more)

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Next Microsoft Patch Tuesday: This Year's Biggest

Microsoft will release critical updates for six security issues next Tuesday. This Patch Tuesday will include a controversially delayed Mac MS Office fix , but won't solve a recently discovered directx flaw for Quicktime files. Biggest Monthly ... Update This Year The monthly update, which will be biggest so far this year, will contain critical fixes for Windows, Internet Explorer, Word and Excel in particular, and Office in general. In all cases, hackers could gain remote control of an affected computer. The Internet Explorer issue appears particularly serious as it reportedly affects all ... (view more)

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'Winext Desktop Bar', and 'Quicktime Alternative'

Winext Desktop Bar Customize your desktop with a horizontal bar that gives you easy access to all your programs and documents. WinExt is not an alternative to the windows shell, but a good expansion which gives your shell at set of new features. By ... letting you customize appearance, content, and features makes your desktop environment more personal and suited for your needs. http://winext.hulubulu.dk/ Quicktime Alternative QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime files (.mov, .qt and other extensions) without having to install the official QuickTime Player. It also supports ... (view more)

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Video Edit Magic Review

Editing home movies with a PC is possibly one of the greatest achievements of modern computing. Over the years, families across the globe have collected untold hours of video footage. Until digital editing became affordable, an easy way to share ... those movies didn't exist. Only a few years ago, the software and hardware required for video editing cost thousands of dollars, which didn't include additional costs for training. Prices for entry level video editing apps are now well under $100, but product quality varies greatly. One of the best and most affordable video editing apps for beginners ... (view more)

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