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Was Secret Backdoor In New Encryption Standard Put There By The NSA?

In a recent article written by Bruce Schneier, noted cryptographer from e-media mag, the author examines the research (PDF) of security experts Niels Ferguson and Dan Shumow, presenters at the CRYPTO 2007 conference this past August. ... Ferguson and Shumow suggest that an algorithm for generating random numbers included in an official standard document (PDF) by the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ) contains a weakness that can only be described as a backdoor . Earlier this year the U.S. government released a new official standard for random-number generators that ... (view more)

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An editor is a person who prepares text -- typically language, but also images and sounds -- for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, editor comes from the Latin phrase e ditus ... which means "to put forward". The editor ludorum in Ancient Rome was the person who put on the games. In French, editeur means "publisher". Also in Italian editore means "publisher". The word came into English from French. The verb to edit is a back formation from editor. In career terms, the word 'editor' has four major senses: Career Editor: ... (view more)

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Ezine Mailing List Cross Promotional Ad Swaps

I've been toying with some different ways to help get the word out about the infopackets web site. I'm on a tight budget, especially after getting $burned$ from a sucky web hosting company . In fact, I sent the Sucky Web Hosting company an email ... yesterday asking when my account was going to be refunded because my bank statement reported no activity. Here's two emails I received regarding my refund: November 29: " Your account will be refunded all but the $99 Setup Fee. Refunds are usually processed within 24 hours of cancellation ... sometimes it can take a while to show up in your bank ... (view more)

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