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How to Fix: Thunderbird Paragraph Mode (Press Enter Twice)

Infopackets Reader Fran G. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks so much for your recent articles on Mozilla Thunderbird. I have a question regarding Thunderbird as well. Whenever I respond to an email from someone, during the composition I usually press ... Enter twice on the keyboard to start a new paragraph. This happens most of the time. However, if I start a new email and then begin a new paragraph, I only need to press Enter once on the keyboard. This is very inconsistent and confusing! Can you explain why this is and/or explain how to fix it so paragraphs are the same all the time? " My response: ... (view more)

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Enter Numbers, Dates and Time: MS Excel

When entering numbers in Excel you can type the numbers into a cell by using the keys on the top row of the keyboard or, if Num Lock is turned on, by using the keypad on the right side of the keyboard. To do so, follow the steps below: Type the ... numbers in the cell and press Enter. If you type decimals, such as 1.5000, Excel often eliminates the trailing zeros and displays 1.5. Note that another future article will tell you how to control this. You can also type dollar signs, commas, or percent signs, and Excel displays them with the numbers. Even when you type these symbols, Excel interprets ... (view more)

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Add Bullets: MS Word 2000

A specific list of items in a business document is commonly formatted with a hanging indent with numbers or with small symbols called bullets to the left of each item. If the items must occur in a certain order, use a numbered list. If you can list ... the items in any order, use bullets. You can use bulleted or numbered lists for the following purposes: To shorten the text To draw attention to certain elements To summarize To show sequence or relationship Create Bulleted Lists You can create bulleted lists either before or after you've typed the text. Click the Bullets button to toggle bullets ... (view more)

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