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Microsoft Zune HD: Details Emerge, Due This Fall

More details emerge regarding Microsoft's much talked-about Zune HD, a next-gen portable media device that the Redmond-based company hopes will help it overcome the iPod's worldwide dominance. Zune: A brief History The original Microsoft Zune ... reached retail shelves during holiday season 2006. Its main weapon in the war against Apple was WiFi capability, which Microsoft promised would allow two friends with two Zunes to transfer songs and other files back and forth. In order to skirt digital rights management (DRM) outcries, the media would disappear in a few days, just enough time for the ... (view more)

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FeedDemon Review

Email newsletters, like infopackets.com, are historically the method I use to keep up with technology information. Once my email address is subscribed, the newsletter publishers deliver their information to me on a predefined delivery schedule. In ... addition to email newsletters, I'm finding myself reading more content from news feed channels, called RSS. What is RSS? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication (depending on who you ask), and is a markup language similar to HTML code used to construct a web page. RSS works by organizing text information in a way which makes ... (view more)

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