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Adobe Wants $15 A Month To Use Some Colors

Adobe is charging an additional monthly fee to use particular colors in Photoshop. Some users have even seen parts of existing images turn black. The seemingly bizarre policy is all to do with Adobe's commercial agreement with Pantone, a company ... that offers services helping businesses create a consistent color scheme, such as branding. Historically, Adobe included more than 2,000 specific colors that are part of Pantone's "Color Matching Scheme". The idea of the scheme is to use a common reference that means any two uses of the color will look the same, no matter the origin or ... (view more)

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'GIMP Shop 9.20', and 'Juice Receiver 2.0'

GIMP Shop 2.0 GIMP Shop is an image editor and operates similar to Adobe Photoshop. It’s very richly featured and runs quite well, producing a quality result. Juice Receiver 2.0 Juice lets you effortlessly subscribe to podcasts, o ...rganize them, and listen to them at your convenience. In conjunction with PodNova, it's easier to use Juice to organize podcasts than using iTunes itself. href="/news/9497/gimp-shop-920-and-juice-receiver-20" class="more-link">view more)

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Adobe Photoshop freeware alternative?

Infopackets Reader Helen M. writes: " Dear Dennis, I need your advice once again. I am 80 years old and have gone back to work as a volunteer; one of my jobs is to make up posters. I only have Microsoft Word, which is not [exactly] ideal for making ... posters, and I don't want to invest in an expensive software such as Adobe Photoshop. The price to learn it at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City is $275! Can you recommend [an Adobe Photoshop freeware alternative] that is inexpensive and easy to use? I am computer literate. I thank you for all you do. " My Response: Off the ... (view more)

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'Adobe PhotoShop CS6 13.0 Beta', and 'YUMI'

Adobe PhotoShop CS6 13.0 Beta What some call the world's best digital image editing software is due for an update, and you can be among the first to experience it. Follow the link, below, to get a sneak preview of Explore Photoshop CS6 beta, which ... includes performance enhancements, imaging improvements, and advanced creativity tools. This new Photoshop CS6 software promises a whole new experience in digital image editing. YUMI YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), is the freely available successor to MultibootISOs. This software utility can be used to create ... (view more)

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'5 Lights Browser', and 'Photoshop Express'

5 Lights Browser 5 Lights is a browser that combines a host of new features, including picture tabs, tracers (Image maps) that outline the path you have taken to browse the web, multi-tab searching that allows you to find a word or phrase within ... multiple tabs, and the ability to add all or selected tabs to favourites and open them as a group to allow for more productive research. Photoshop Express Free online version of Adobe Photoshop. Apparently only available for U.S.A. residents. (view more)

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Adobe Launches Free Edition Of Photoshop

Adobe has launched a free online version of its popular Photoshop image editing software, combining it with an online picture storage service. Photoshop Express includes basic features such as airbrushing, red-eye reduction and re-sizing, along with ... some fancy effects that turn pictures into sketches or distort them for comic effect. Users also get two gigabytes of online storage, and images can be shared via on-line galleries or integrated with social networking sites such as Facebook. It seems the plan is to introduce Photoshop to new users in the hope of them buying an upgrade to Photoshop ... (view more)

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