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Windows Reset Warning: Personal Files May Remain

Microsoft has warned users that a "wipe clean" option in Windows won't remove all files thanks to an ongoing bug. It's mainly a practical problem for anyone planning to sell or give away a computer with hopes of removing all personal data prior. The ... problem is specifically with the reset option in Windows that lets users "reinstall" the system without needing to download files or create a USB or DVD boot disc. This option always removes all installed applications, but users have a choice whether or not to also remove files such as documents. When they choose "remove everything", ... (view more)

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WWW Creator Reenvisions How Personal Data is Stored

World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee wants to rethink the way people control online data. He says his "pods" proposal would bring the online world closer to his original vision of the web. Berners-Lee has launched an open-source project and ... associated business to try to counter what he sees as the web's biggest problem: major companies collecting user data and exploiting it as a core part of their business. His new idea is "pods", or personal online data store. This would involve users having a space on a server that acted like a digital safe and contained a range of data. This could be ... (view more)

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