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How to Keep Your Business Secure in 2022

More than ever before, modern businesses rely on technology. Their efficient functioning relies on Internet services, which is unlikely to alter in the near future. As a result, as organizations get larger, computer networks develop, and massive ... volumes of data are sent every day between computer systems. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, 68% of organizations across various industries believe that cyber security threats are growing. According to an FBI assessment, cyberattacks have grown by 300% since the epidemic began. Securing businesses large and small is vital to ensure the ... (view more)

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Chrome, Firefox Ditch EV SSL Padlock System

Chrome and Firefox will stop indicating when websites have received an "extra level of verification" to prove they are in fact genuine. The move is largely due to the fact that most users aren't aware of the Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) system. ... The Extended Validation SSL (secure socket layer) security certificates go beyond the standard SSL certification scheme, which browsers use to show that data being sent to and from a website is in fact encrypted and secure. This means that communication is encrypted, and that no one can eavesdrop or steal data mid-stream. In other words, ... (view more)

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Researchers: MS Word Flaw Enables Duqu Virus; No Fix

New reports are surfacing with details of the latest and what's considered to be one of the most dangerous Internet worms, dubbed "Duqu." It's said the worm can install and spread itself due to a security loophole in Microsoft Word. As reported last ... week, Duqu's programming code is very close to that of the Stuxnet worm that wreaked havoc back in 2010 . Stuxnet was a particularly sophisticated virus which infected Windows-based PCs, and in turn, attacked computers that controlled equipment in Iran's nuclear program to the point where it caused irreversible damage to equipment. So ... (view more)

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Apple Ditches Anti-Gay App

There are currently about 100,000 different applications (commonly known as "apps") available for the Apple iPhone. The running total, however, is constantly changing and has probably increased since this article was written. But it's rare to see an ... app removed from the list, which was the case for a new application which speaks out against homosexuality. The app, which is available for both the iPhone and iPad, was designed by the Christian organization Exodus International and released for download last month. It reportedly advocates "freedom from homosexuality through the power ... (view more)

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