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Ends Oct 30: Win7 PCs, Laptops Heavily Discounted

It's the end of the line for Windows 7 -- sort of. After this Friday, October 31, Microsoft will no longer sell Windows 7 licenses to PC manufacturers, otherwise known as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). That will force most PC makers to ... turn to Windows 8.1 -- at least, until Windows 10's release next year. For businesses who don't appreciate Windows 8's main features -- like the Start screen, touch integration, and "Modern" (or "Metro") user interface -- there's some good news. Microsoft will continue to allow PC makers to produce Windows 7 ... (view more)

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Windows XP Netbook Days Are Numbered, Nearing End

One of the major concerns about the launch of Windows 7 was that the new operating system would be too bulky for a very popular kind of PC: the netbook. The alternative was the decade-old Windows XP, but that option won't be around come the end of ... October, 2010. In a recent statement, Microsoft officials noted the deadline date for OEMs to cut off the loading of Windows XP on new netbooks: October 22, 2010, one year to the day since the launch of Windows 7. "OEMs will no longer be able to pre-install Windows XP Home on new netbook PCs," Microsoft said. (Source: appscout.com ) Performance, ... (view more)

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Microsoft Simplifies XP Rollback

Although chairman and recent Harvard graduate Bill Gates has bragged that Microsoft has shipped its new operating system, Windows Vista, some 40 million times, there has been much criticism of the product. That's not news. However, word that ... Microsoft will offer more simplified methods of "downgrading" new systems to Windows XP, is. Much to the company's chagrin, customers have demanded that newly purchased computers ship with the outgoing operating system XP rather than Vista, which took some ten years to create. (Source: networkworld.com ) The new, XP-friendly initiative will help customers ... (view more)

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