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Supercomputer May Unlock Secrets of The Brain

A supercomputer that can process data in the same way and at the same speed as a human will be operational next year. It's a claim that's far more impressive than it might sound. Unlike most supercomputers, DeepSouth's main purpose is to help ... scientists understand more about how the brain operates as a "low power device". While even the most basic computers can carry out calculations extremely quickly (and far faster than a human), they can't operate in the same way. In simple terms, that's because a single computer processor can only do one thing at a time. A brain uses a network of neurons ... (view more)

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Microsoft Tackles Video Call Background Noise

Microsoft is releasing a tool that uses artificial intelligence to block out background noise during video calls. The Microsoft Teams tool aims to distinguish between human speech and other sources of sound. The need for such a tool will have grown ... for many users this year given the increase in those working from home. Previously, videoconferencing was more commonly associated with business settings where staff could make calls in ideal settings such as dedicated meeting rooms with no sources of unwanted sounds. Now, many people are using the same videoconferencing software in conditions ... (view more)

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