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Nearly 60% of Social Media Users Frustrated by Politics

One in five people say social media posts have changed their minds on political issues this year. But many of those changes have been to a negative position. The statistic comes from the Pew Research Center, which regularly surveys Internet users on ... their online activities. It found that 20 percent of the social media users it questioned in its latest study said they have changed their minds about a social or political issue because of something they saw on a social media service, while 17 percent said they have changed their minds about a specific candidate. (Source: ) In ... (view more)

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Facebook Secretly Manipulated News Feeds

Facebook is making negative headlines once again - this time for a 'data experiment' which was carried out on approximately 600,000 of its members without consent. The experiment reportedly took place two years ago, though only came to light in ... recent days. According to reports, Facebook toyed with the minds of more than half a million users by altering the wording of their News Feeds. Specifically, the social network employed a special computer algorithm that cut or added words associated with positive or negative emotions in order to influence those reading the feeds. A news feed is ... (view more)

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Facebook Bad For Your Mental Health, Study Suggests

People who regularly use social networking site Facebook are prone to negative feelings, a new study finds. But there's some question over the cause and effect involved. Researchers at the University of Michigan studied 82 Facebook users with an ... average age of 19 to 20. The researchers started by asking the subjects a series of questions to check their levels of self-esteem and / or depression. They then sent the subjects a text message five times each day over a two-week period. (Source: ) The message linked to a survey that asked the subjects whether they felt positive or ... (view more)

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MS Accused of Bait and Switch, Negative Cashback Rewards

For the past few months, Samir Meghani has been the proverbial "thorn in the side" of Microsoft. First, the co-founder of price comparison search engine posted ways in which users could exploit the Bing cashback rewards program . Now, ... Meghani is claiming that this same promotion is responsible for making some products appear more expensive on the web than their actual retail price. Bing 'Negative Cashback' Rewards Acccording to Meghani, Bing has a hidden feature that he refers to as 'negative cashback'. It is his belief that the program, and more specifically, vendors associated ... (view more)

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