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HP Invades Mobile Phone Industry

The Hewlett-Packard Company made its most recent push into the lucrative mobile phone market by unveiling two new cell phones, in addition to several other modern innovations. The phones were introduced as part of the latest iPAQ models amidst a ... huge star-studded gala in New York City. The iPAQ is a pocket PC and personal digital assistant that was first unveiled by Compaq in 2000. The device has been marketed by Hewlett-Packard ever since Compaq was acquired by the company in 2002. (Source: ) While the device has been regarded as the leading rival to the Treo Palm, it ... (view more)

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Microsoft Tellme To Compete With OnStar

Microsoft has reportedly begun showing U.S. automakers Tellme, an alternative software for in-car navigation and assistance currently being offered exclusively by General Motor Corp.'s OnStar communications service. The technology was obtained by ... Microsoft in May, when the company acquired Tellme Networks Inc., a phone software company. Microsoft recently displayed the voice-recognition software, which allows mobile phone users to receive spoken data from a database, at an auto industry conference. Please, 'Tellme': How does it work? The Tellme service would connect through a Bluetooth- ... (view more)

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West Meets East: Sony and Warner Deliver Western Content to Asia Market

Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group have agreed to provide music downloads from America and distribute other western content directly onto mobile phones for sale in the Asian market. The two will operate out of China in association ... with the already established ACCESS China Media Solutions. ACCESS China Media Solutions is its own international joint venture, combining ACCESS Ltd. of China and Melodeo of the United States. ACCESS China Media Solutions was formed in early 2006 as a means for Melodeo to distribute its technology to wireless carriers and handset makers in China. ( ... (view more)

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Apple Orders 12 Million iPhones

Recent reports suggest that Apple has ordered 12 million mobile phones from Hon Hai Precision (better known as Foxconn), a Taiwanese manufacturing company. (Source: ) While Apple has not yet commented on the order, many critics are not ... surprised about the news. Analysts have been predicting that Apple would release a mobile phone in early 2007. In a research note, UBS Analyst Benjamin Reitzes wrote that the order aligns with expectations that "a cell phone could be discussed in January at Macworld with limited sales by February and broader distribution in spring 2007." (Source: ... (view more)

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Google Mail Goes Mobile

"It looks and feels like Gmail on the desktop." That's the proclamation made by Google product manager Tony Hsieh on the company's new Gmail mobile phone application. Hsieh compares the new mobile Gmail so favorably to its desktop cousin because ... it's a standalone application that doesn't operate through a browser. It can run on any cell phone with Java service. As a result, the new service "promises computer-like response times for viewing email," according to Reuters. (Source: ) Google lists the following features for its mobile service on Gmail's login page: It has the same Gmail ... (view more)


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