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Google Maps Timeline Data May Disappear

Google Maps is changing the way it stores Location History. It's arguably a boost for privacy but may be a surprise for some users who appreciate the feature. The change is to the timeline feature that's included in both the desktop and mobile app ... versions of Google Maps. It lets users see a complete record of all places they've visited while using a mobile device with location tracking switched on. The feature will also add detail and context, for example including any picture from a visit that are saved in Google Photos, or figuring out when a user went on a trip or vacation. It can be ... (view more)

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3D Wi-Fi Could Boost Capacity

A "3D" processor could make wireless communication more efficient according to scientists at the University of Florida. It could benefit both WiFi and cellular data services. One of the limitations of current WiFi tech is that it uses a "planar ... processor" to handle the wireless signal. Because these processors are (in practical terms) two-dimensional, they can only work with a limited range of wireless frequencies. Expanding the range of frequencies planar processors can handle is only possible by making them wider, a little like increasing capacity on roads. But making the ... (view more)

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Thinking Beyond Mobile Phones: 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago, on April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola, made the world's first cellular phone call. Back then, making a phone call from a mobile device was a major achievement - but now, smartphones have become an indispensable ... part of our daily lives. We use them not only to make calls, but also to stream movies, play games, and take professional-level photos. However, despite the advancements in technology, the basic shape and form of the smartphone has remained the same for over a decade. To stay relevant in the ever-evolving smartphone market, Motorola, along with other ... (view more)

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Malicious Website Crashes Smartphones, Slows PCs

Computer and mobile device owners have been warned to carefully review links before clicking on them, after the creation of a website that can either slow down or crash smart phones completely. The site in question uses a simple but effective ... technique to cause the problem. The site's web address is simply the words "crash" and "safari" next to one another (with no space in between), and is a "dot com" domain name. Trouble-makers online have been spreading links to the problematic site through email and social media. It's worth checking links carefully as ... (view more)

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Microsoft, Yahoo Both Unleash Mobile Web Weapons

As Microsoft continues its bid to take over Yahoo, both firms have announced moves to boost their standing in the mobile Internet market. Microsoft has signed a deal to supply its Silverlight system to cell phones made by Nokia. The system is a ... rival to Adobe's Flash software and allows devices to run interactive graphics and animations. At first the system will only be available on high-end Nokia models. However, it's likely to be extended to other handsets, including those from LG and Samsung, so could theoretically wind up on 53% of all smart phones. If Silverlight becomes popular, ... (view more)

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