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'Windows Sound Mixer', and 'Open Target Folder Option'

Windows Sound Mixer This exciting program allows a user to control their Windows volume using a cool skinned interface that supports multiple audio cards, volume, nalance (pan), mute and other audio features. http://www.vegantech.bravehost.com Open ... Target Folder Option At times we need to open the target folder location of a shortcut, right? In Windows Vista you just need to right-click and choose "Open file location", but in-case you're using Windows XP you'll need to try something else altogether. This guide helps you figure out how. http://www.megaleecher.net Today's fresh ... (view more)

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'Lost Goggles', and 'List Mixer'

Lost Goggles A real Google-enhancer. See page preview thumbnails on your Google results. "Open in New Window" button - lets you do just that. Not a Toolbar, saves screen real estate. Get accurate site access statistics. Retrieve older versions of a ... web site. Find more related web sites. For Internet Explorer only. http://www.lostgoggles.com/ List Mixer Throwaway your Bookmarks! ListMixer is an easy way to track web pages that momentarily hold your interest. It's handy for tracking blog comments or for pooling timely web pages among friends. No account is required. Really! http://listmixer.com/ (view more)

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