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Vista Boxed Retail Sales Sluggish

A soon-to-be-released study from NPD Group reportedly shows that standalone unit sales of Windows Vista in its first six months significantly trail standalone unit sales of Windows XP in its first six months of release. Boxed sales of Windows XP ... outsold boxed sales of Windows Vista by almost 60 percent in their respective first six months of availability. Due to the over-inflated cost of Windows Vista, revenue from sales of boxed copies of Vista was only down by 41 percent. It's important to note though that Windows XP was released in October while Windows Vista was released in January, ... (view more)

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Google Apps Could Hurt Your Career

Google Apps may be a bad career choice for architects. The communication and collaboration tools, released less than a year ago, can be described as a no-frills version of Microsoft Office that sells for a lower price. Unfortunately, a research and ... consulting firm, the Burton Group, has found that those who have high expectations for the program may face career-limiting consequences. The group's report confirms that Google Apps is only useful in a limited set of circumstances. Small businesses should only rely on it as a basic tool rather than an important suite for collaboration. It can also ... (view more)

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Windows Vista: Roadmap and Purchase Guide

Confused about which flavor of Windows Vista is right for you? What about all those upgrade options and Vista add-ons? Hopefully, this brief guide will help you wade through the confusion. Windows Vista: A Brief Introduction If you haven't already ... heard the buzz, Microsoft will release Windows Vista, it's newest (long awaited) operating system (OS) on January 30, 2007 to consumers. In a nutshell, Windows Vista boasts a polished graphics display, improved security features, and a slew of extras that make day-to-day life easier. Depending on which version you purchase, Windows Vista retails ... (view more)

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Microsoft vs. Google: Office Showdown

For many years now, Microsoft Office has had the market cornered on word processing and spreadsheet software. And with such a stranglehold in place by Microsoft, tech analysts made sure to pay attention when Google recently countered with its own ... set of word processing and spreadsheet utilities. The difference, of course, is that Google's offering -- officially called Google Docs ... (view more)

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Quick Launch and MS Office toolbar disappeared?

Gazette Rich K. writes: " For some reason, my Quick Launch toolbar (near the Start Menu) disappears when I reboot. Oddly enough, I have this same problem with my MS Office short cut bar. Do you have any idea how I can fix this? " My response: My ... Quick Launch toolbar has never disappeared on me, but nonetheless, a number of Gazette Readers have asked me this question before. After querying for "quick launch disappears after reboot", I came across an online forum at which appears to have answered both questions. RE: Resetting the Quick Launch toolbar It was suggested that ... (view more)


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