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Mega's Kim Dotcom Challenges Hackers to Attack

Kim Dotcom, founder of file-sharing site Megaupload and the new, allegedly legal 'Mega', has thrown down a challenge to hackers. Dotcom says he'll give any hacker who can crack Mega's code a reward of 10,000 euros. Dotcom is the embattled founder of ... Megaupload, a controversial file-sharing site accused of encouraging users to swap copyright-protected files without authorization. In recent weeks he's started a new site , Mega, which he says is completely legal and discourages the unauthorized sharing of copyright-protected materials. Mega Hype Surrounding 'Mega' Given Dotcom's global ... (view more)

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Megaupload Founder Launches New File-Sharing Site

Kim Dotcom, the founder of the controversial file-sharing site Megaupload, has launched a new cloud storage-style website. Unfortunately for Dotcom and his supporters, the new site is running into some early technical difficulties. Megaupload, you ... may remember, allowed its 150 million active users to upload and download all kinds of digital files. Authorities took Dotcom to court, however, arguing he should have done more to prevent Megaupload visitors from illegally sharing copyright-protected material. As a result, Megaupload was forced offline. "Mega" Too Popular for Own Good ... (view more)

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