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According to reports, was hacked late last week. The hackers bypassed security and then spread malicious software designed to steal bank account information from site visitors. It wasn't just the main site that was affected, either. ... Reports indicate that sub-sites, including sites dedicated to the Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno late night shows, were also affected by the hack. Security experts say that hackers modified the site so that it would serve up an 'iframe,' which is a method of adding content to a site from a distant domain. In this case, the iframe effectively ... (view more)

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Zeus Hackers Exploit Two-Factor Authentication

During the past twelve months, malicious software known as 'Eurograbber' was apparently used to steal $47 million in Europe alone. According to reports, the software took advantage of a popular security measure. The security researchers who ... discovered Eurograbber are now warning Internet users that the malware could easily spread from Europe to the rest of the world. (Source: ) Eurograbber is a modified form of a previously known botnet called 'Zeus.' A botnet is a network of computers controlled by malicious software under the direction of a particular individual or gang of ... (view more)

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Infected Windows PCs Steal $100M; Feds Mollify Botnet

The FBI and Justice Department have shut down a network of infected Windows machines used for stealing money. The 'Coreflood' botnet was one of the largest and most longstanding networks of its type. Despite the network shutdown, the malicious ... software used to infect PCs remains in the wild. Over 2 Million PCs Infected with Malicious Software The botnet at one point held control over two million PCs which were infected by malicious software, often downloaded unknowingly by users online the Internet. The malicious software (also known as "malware") easily penetrated Windows defenses ... (view more)

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Dell Warns of Malware-Riddled Motherboards

Dell has agreed to replace computer equipment that shipped with a data-stealing virus. The company is hoping to deal with the issue before any users suffer at the hand of criminals. Unlike most hacking attempts, which rely on accessing a victim's ... machine through an Internet connection, this incident brought up the possibility of whether or not malicious software was in fact being physically installed on machines at the factory. The issue only involves replacement parts for servers, however. These replacement parts are for computers that are primarily used to host websites and, in business ... (view more)

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Leopard Attacked by a Horse!

"Hello, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC. Hey Mac, what's wrong? You seem a little distracted." "Oh, well I was visiting a naughty web site the other day and I picked up a Trojan Horse. Now every website I go to is a scam! My owner is really upset with ... me." [Mac hangs his head] "Oh, you should get some security software to take care of that. I can't believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book." "[mumbles] I just never thought it would happen to me." "Ahhh... that's how you get into trouble my friend. That's how you get into trouble." [PC puts his hand on Mac's shoulder and hands him a box ... (view more)

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