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GPS Phone Data Could Be Used to Track You: Report

A new study shows that it's possible to use mobile phone location data to find an individual. Researchers say that, in most cases, getting four confirmed locations for a person is enough to identify their handset. The study's findings appear in the ... latest edition of Scientific Reports. According to the researchers, most users understand and accept that mobile phone service providers track their locations. Customers are usually 'OK' with this because the data is kept confidential and only provided to law enforcement authorities after a warrant has been issued. (Source: nature.com ) Anonymous ... (view more)

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CompUSA Cuts Store Count in Half

The spread of big box retail giants Best Buy and Circuit City is now having an impact on more specialized stores. In a recent announcement, CompUSA admitted that it will be closing some 126 of its American stores, or about half of the chain's total. ... CompUSA has been providing U.S. homes and offices with the latest in processing technology since it was founded in 1984. Although CompUSA, Inc. is a subsidiary company, it is largely controlled by common shareholder Carlos Sim, the millionaire resident of Mexico. (Source: slashdot.com ) The mass closings are meant to infuse the company with some $ ... (view more)

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