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How to: Convert Quattro Pro files (and more) to Excel Format

Infopackets Reader Howard R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have some really old family Quattro Pro spreadsheets from 1994-98. I would like to be able to view these spreadsheets on my Windows 10 system, and if possible, convert the Quattro Pro files to ... Excel files. The Quattro Pro files are using the .WB1 file extension. While the current version of Open Office can read .WB2 files, it won't read these .WB1 files. Do you know of a program that can read and convert the .WB1 files to Excel? I look forward to hearing from you. " My response: After researching Howard's question, I suggested he try ... (view more)

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'HWiNFO 4.19', and 'LibreOffice Productivity Suite 4.0.4'

HWiNFO 4.19 HWiNFO is a handy and highly professional hardware information and diagnostic tool. It provides you with comprehensive hardware information, monitors your system's overall health, and provides you with reports in a wide range of formats. ... LibreOffice Productivity Suite 4.0.4 If you're looking for an alternative to the expensive Office software suite from Microsoft, then check out LibreOffice, a comprehensive and completely free productivity suite. Like Office it comes with professional business programs, including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation ... (view more)

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'LibreOffice Productivity Suite 3.3.0 Beta 2', and 'VLC Media Player 1.1.4'

LibreOffice Productivity Suite 3.3.0 Beta 2 LibreOffice is a productivity suite that is compatible with other major office suites, and available on a variety of platforms. It is free software to use and distribute. The following software packages ... are intended to give you a first impression of what LibreOffice is. VLC Media Player 1.1.4 VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework, that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. It is simple to use, yet very powerful and ... (view more)

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