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'USB Image Tool 1.6', and 'LazPaint 5.1'

USB Image Tool 1.6 This program allows you to quickly and easily back up your USB drives by creating separate images of those drives. USB Image Tool isn't only compatible with USB sticks, however -- it will also work with digital media players, SD ... cards, smartphones, and even digital cameras. LazPaint 5.1 LazPaint is a unique image editor that gives users access to a number of exciting features, including alpha blending, antialiasing, rotation, filters, and multiple undo. Make sure to click the dark green button in the middle of the page in order to begin the download ... (view more)

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'LazPaint 4.6', and 'vReveal 3.1.1'

LazPaint 4.6 LazPaint is a convenient and easy-to-use image editor that heavily resembles (but also improves upon) PaintBrush or Paint.Net. It is written in Lazarus (or free Pascal) and includes a number of useful features that make editing images ... easy and fun. vReveal 3.1.1 vReveal is free software used to organize, fix, edit, and share your videos and promises to deliver "unbelievably good-looking results" in seconds, not hours. It's award-winning technology in a beautiful and intuitive package and is now running on AMD's Vision, the most ... (view more)

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