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Microsoft CEO Admits Kin Phone Was A Mistake

In a surprisingly frank admission, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said the company's Kin phones were a mistake. Ballmer's comments were not so much about the handsets themselves, but rather the way they distracted the company's attention from the ... upcoming Windows Phone 7 system. Microsoft Kin Phone Fails to Catch On The company released two handsets, the Kin One and Kin Two, earlier this year after several years of development. Although the phones received positive reviews, they failed to catch on. The major problem: while they appeared to be aimed at teenagers and young adults, the Kins ... (view more)

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Microsoft Kills Kin After 6 Week Debut

In a stunning development, Microsoft is preparing to kill off its much-hyped "social-focused" mobile phone, Kin. It follows some poor decisions about how to price the phone given its audience. The Kin was in development for several years under the ... codename Project Pink. For much of this time, it was widely speculated the phone would be based around the Zune media player, acting as a direct rival to Apple's iPhone. Instead, the two handsets, Kin One and Kin Two, were based around social networking updates and the ability to share content like photographs with friends. Unlike most phones today ... (view more)

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