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Apple Patches Major iPhone Bug linked to Gov't Spying

Apple has released a patch for a potentially serious iPhone bug. It's worth double-checking the patch was installed automatically and forcing it to do so if it has not. The fix comes in version 15.0.2 of iOS and patches an actively exploited ... zero-day bug. That means attackers not only know about the security hole but were already using it before Apple could release a fix. In other words, Apple had a "zero days" head start in the battle between patching and hacking. The bug involves memory corruption and means a correctly-targeted attack could allow malware to access parts of the memory that ... (view more)

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New Windows Kernel Flaw Affects XP to Windows 7

Microsoft is reportedly investigating a new kernel flaw affecting all versions of the Windows operating system (OS), including the new Windows 7. The investigation began on Friday after an Israeli researcher alerted Microsoft to the issue. In ... computing, the kernel is the central component of an operating system which is responsible for bridging software programs to hardware inside the computer. Microsoft says it is working on the issue and will release a patch once it's ready. "Microsoft is investigating reports of a possible vulnerability in Windows Kernel," said the software company's Jerry ... (view more)

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