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Unlock your iPod: New Program Promises To Remove Restrictions

"iTunes is really good, but they don't have everything I want to put on my machine. I'm frustrated because I'm kind of locked in." Those are the words of a 24-year-old CompUSA worker who has reached the end of his rope with the restrictions Apple ... has placed on the iPod and its iTunes music store. As it stands right now, music downloaded from iTunes will only play on the iPod. And if you grab your music from another online source other than iTunes, it won't work on the iPod, either. It's limiting, frustrating, and just a plain headache. But an avenging angel may have arrived in the unlikely ... (view more)

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Apple and Wal-Mart: Antagonists or Allies?

Recent reports suggest that Apple and Wal-Mart are in talks to negotiate a partnership. The deal will have iTunes movie downloads available on Wal-Mart store shelves. The arrangement may take the form of an iTunes Store "digital coupon" available ... for purchase at Wal-Mart. Customers would then use these coupons to download movies from the iTunes online store. (Source: ) Such an arrangement would allow Wal-Mart to gain a foothold in the still young downloadable movie industry, while enabling Apple to increase their movie offerings to a wide audience. The potential partnership ... (view more)

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Movie Rentals on iTunes?

Rumor has it that Apple executives may be planning to announce a new venture of providing movie rentals for their iTunes website. Some of the major Hollywood studios include: Warner Bros., Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Studios. ... (Source: ) Early information indicates that Apple had originally hoped to buy the rights to movies from the studios, and then sell these movies to consumers. Unfortunately Hollywood was adamant about providing the films only on a subscription or rental basis. Therefore, it is assumed that when the announcement is made, iTunes will be ... (view more)


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