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Contentious Windows 11 Start Menu Change Abandoned

Microsoft has abandoned plans to recommended websites in the Windows 11 Start menu. It hasn't said exactly why but suggests user feedback played a role. An idea to suggest searching on Microsoft Edge when copying text has also been ditched. It was ... the latest attempt to promote the browser to Windows users. The two ideas were both rolled out last November to users of the Dev channel in the Windows Insider test program. That's the first time potential new features are available to anyone outside of Microsoft. People who choose to use the Dev channel are particularly eager to see new ideas, ... (view more)

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Cyber Weapon Experts: US Air Force Wants You

The US Air Force (USAF) has made a public appeal for tech experts to help design cyber weapons. The call for help comes in a solicitation document, which is a formal request for non-military organizations to submit ideas. To encourage a response, ... the Air Force has announced that it could award contracts worth a total of $10 million. The document asks for ideas that could help the USAF "disrupt, deny, degrade, destroy, or deceive an adversary's ability to use the cyberspace domain to his advantage." It specifically refers to using cyber technology to weaken an enemy's ability to wage physical ... (view more)

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'Folder Iconizer', and '6 Dumbest Ideas In Computer Security'

Folder Iconizer An easy three steps wizard to change the computer folders identity, by adding icons or de-iconizing them according to the user's desire. 6 Dumbest Ideas In Computer Security What ... are they? They're the anti-good ideas. They're the brain damage that makes your $100,000 ASIC-based turbo-stateful packet-mulching firewall transparent to hackers. Where do anti-good ideas come from? They come from misguided attempts to do the impossible -- which is another way of saying "trying to ignore reality." Frequently those misguided ... (view more)

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