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Apple Still Working On 'Reverse' Wireless Charging

iPhones could soon act as wireless chargers for other devices. It's been in the works for many years but will likely be restricted to premium models. The logic behind the move is that modern smartphones have high battery capacity (even if iPhones ... don't always have the best reputation for long battery life). That could be a source of power for smaller devices such as smart watches and wireless earphones. Although such devices usually last longer between charges, that can be a disadvantage for charging. That's because the chances of them running out of power when the user is away from home are ... (view more)

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Which Processor is Better: Intel or AMD? - Explained

Infopackets Reader Bob C. writes: " Dear Dennis, Which processor is better: Intel or AMD? The reason I ask is that my laptop is roughly 6 years old and it's time for me to purchase a new one. That said, I can't seem to find the definitive answer as ... to which processor I should get for my next laptop. AMD seems to have cheaper processors, whereas Intel processors are usually always much more expensive. Can you shed light on which processor is better? " My Response: Update 20180620 : I have updated this article to include new information considering AMD's Ryzen line of ... (view more)

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Electronic Sutures Heal Surgical Wounds Faster

The surgical process of stitching up a patient will soon receive a hi-tech makeover. The change could reduce the chance of infection and decrease healing times. A team of researchers at the University of Illinois have created the first ever ... 'electronic suture' (a stitch used by doctors and surgeons to hold tissue together). The special suture contains ultrathin silicon sensors integrated on polymer or silk strips that penetrate the skin and knot, just like standard medical stitches. To create the 'electronic sutures,' the researchers first use chemicals to cut an ultrathin film of silicon ... (view more)

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NASA Plans Unprecedented Sun Probe

These days we hear a lot about the sun and, more specifically, global warming. But how much do we really know about the sun? NASA plans to find out more about the sun by launching a $180 million probe into the giant star. It could help researchers ... learn more about the sun's power and its impact on our environment. NASA, which is calling the spacecraft Solar Probe Plus, plans to send the device through the sun's corona sometime between now and 2018. Its goal: to collect data regarding the sun's heat (specifically the corona), and how and why the corona generates solar winds. Solar Probe Must ... (view more)

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Computer Basics, Part 1

I suppose it's time to roll up my sleeves and try to 'expose' the inner workings of the scary little box that's humming away on your desk. It's called a Personal Computer, no matter who designed and/or built it. It may have a name associated with it ... such as Macintosh (or Mac), Dell, IBM, Gateway, or any of a myriad of names depending where you live and what you decided to buy. No matter what name is associated, all desktop Personal Computers (or PCs) have a few basic components that are common. Laptop systems have the same array of components but they are usually not accessible like in a ... (view more)

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