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MegaUpload Piracy Case Hearing to Be Shown Online

A high profile extradition case involving an alleged piracy site will be streamed online. The judge in the Kim Dotcom hearing imposed some restrictions on the streaming, though they are unlikely to make much difference. Dotcom, who changed his legal ... name from Kim Schmitz, was the man behind the controversial file hosting site Megaupload. Prosecutors in the US say he broke the law because the site was widely used for sharing files that breached copyright such as unauthorized movie video files. The heart of the case is what level of responsibility Dotcom bears for the actions of users. He ... (view more)

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Microsoft Abandons European Antitrust Hearing

Microsoft has withdrawn its demand for a hearing after it was found guilty of anti-competitive behavior in Europe. The firm says it could not hope for a fair hearing because many officials will be unable to attend. The European Commission, the EU's ... administrative wing, issued a 'ruling in principle' in January that Microsoft had breached competition laws by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows while not allowing other browsers to be included with the system on new machines. Nobody's Listening The hearing on this issue had been scheduled for June 3rd through June 5th, but Microsoft says it ... (view more)

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New Study Reveals Cost of iPod Usage

What's so dangerous about technology? Granted, a nasty virus or spyware bug can infect a computer, but can anything of the sort really affect the personal health of a computer user? Not really. However, Australian researchers are blaming tech for a ... rather unpleasant trend: hearing loss. The rather baffling study from the land-down-under reports that some 70 per cent of Australians between the ages of 18 and 34 experience a consistent ringing in their ears, a condition indicative of permanent damage to the hearing canal. The cause, according to the study (appropriately entitled "Is Australia ... (view more)

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The Interpretype Opens Communication Lines

The Interpretype has turned one auto repair shop into a haven for deaf customers, helping to triple sales figures compared with the previous period. Ken Gan owns a garage in Rochester, New York. His shop seems to look like any other standard North ... American auto repair station, except for one major difference: the shop has an above-average number of deaf customers. Gan admitted that he had searched for more accommodating equipment for quite some time, but nothing has been available on the market to facilitate face-to-face communication in a situation such as a shop or office. So when all else ... (view more)

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