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Amazon's High-Tech, Cashier-less Grocery Store Delayed

Amazon's plans for convenience stores without checkouts or cashiers have taken a knock. Initial test show the system doesn't work properly if more than 20 or so customers use the store at once. The Amazon Go store works through a dedicated ... smartphone app and a technology similar to that used in hotel minibars. When a customer picks up an item from the shelf it will automatically be added to their virtual shopping cart (as well as their real one), though if they put it back on the shelf it will be removed. Instead of paying for the items at the check out, the customer simply walks out ... (view more)

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BigOven Review

Synopsis: Easy, Award-Winning Recipe Software with 150,000+ recipes at your fingertips! BigOven recipe software is the easiest way for you to: organize your recipes, generate grocery lists to save shopping time, and discover great new dishes shared ... by other cooks around the world -- plus much, much more! BigOven: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4. BigOven: Key Features Makes everyday cooking easier Access 150,000+ recipes instantly Print, share, or post recipes online Port recipes to your PALM and take it on the go Enter your own family favorites See ratings and ... (view more)

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