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AI Image Firm Accused of Copyright Infringement

The makers of an artificial intelligence tool for "creating" art are being sued by a photo licensing company. The case could set a precedent for how copyright law works with modern technology. The case involves Stability AI, the company behind a ... "deep learning, text-to-image model." It's designed mainly to create images based on a text description provided by the user. As well as being a neat trick in itself, the idea of the model is to develop computer learning. That means that rather than humans providing a set of rules to follow, the computer model figures out rules itself. Imagery is a ... (view more)

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Flickr, Getty Images Offer Payday to Amateur Photographers

Yahoo is partnering with Getty Images to turn the Flickr online photo community into a treasure trove of resources. Getty has announced it will be offering select Flickr members the chance to license their work for publication in media outlets all ... over the world. With clients in 100 countries, Getty is the largest distributor and provider of photographic images for media outlets in the world. Reports suggest Getty is willing to pay up to $240 for the photographs it uses. Over the next few months, the image provider will be checking out available photos on Flickr, and when they find something ... (view more)

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