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PC Sales Slump over Economic Crisis

It seems that the Consumer Electronics Show's (CES) poor attendance has been justified by recent statistics suggesting that holiday 2008 was one of the worst ever for the computer industry. According to research firm IDC: for the first time in five ... years, the personal computer industry failed to grow over the previous holiday season. In fact, sales over the final three months of 2008 decreased nearly half a percentile in comparison to the same period the year prior. Although rival research firm Gartner Inc. presented slightly different findings (it found that there was actually a growth of 1. ... (view more)

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Software Costs Projected to Decline

Amidst all the worries over Black Friday security threats and the random phishing scheme, there's finally some good news for home and business software users. According to research firm Gartner, computer software should begin to decline ... significantly over the next decade. According to Gartner research vice president William Snyder, there are a number of reasons for the projected slip in costs. Collectively, they could drastically change the relationship between those producing the applications and those who need them. In the past, software buyers have had little say in the cost of the ... (view more)

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Google Takes to the Next Level

Blogs are all the rage nowadays. And, it was no surprise to discover that very fact when Google purchased way back in 2003. After all, what pie *hasn't* Google taken a slice of yet? Now, after three years, Google has finally given its ... blogging property a major facelift. (Source: ) Here are the new features Google has added to (quoted directly from the website): Customize your template 1. Create the blog you've always wanted with new page elements and font and color options. 2. Drag and drop page elements to customize your blog's design in a snap Create a ... (view more)


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