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Billion Dollar Cyber Crime Chief Finally Caught

A man has been arrested for allegedly stealing more than a billion dollars in cyber attacks. The tactics were so outlandish, they almost sounded like the words used by Richard Pryor's character in Superman III. The unnamed man was arrested in Spain ... after an investigation that involved officials from six countries on three continents plus private cyber security firms. The man is alleged to have led a gang that attacked more than 100 banks and other financial institutions around the world. The gang has been operating for at least three years using three forms of malware, known as Anunak, ... (view more)

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Hackers' ATM Trick Results in Record-Breaking Heist

Eight men have been accused of using bogus bank cards to empty ATMs worldwide. In one single-day attack, the gang allegedly took $40 million. The crimes were kept quiet while investigators hunted down those believed responsible. Only seven men will ... stand trial, with the other having been shot by unknown attackers in the Dominican Republic. He's thought to have masterminded the operation. And the hunt isn't complete: prosecutors believe a total of two dozen people were involved in the highly sophisticated operation. Prepaid Cards Key to Heist It appears the first step was for hackers to gain ... (view more)

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