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'Windows XP End Of Support Countdown Gadget 1.0', and 'CurrPorts 2.05'

Windows XP End Of Support Countdown Gadget 1.0 Time is running out on Microsoft's decade-old operating system, Windows XP. This handy little gadget will display a clock that counts down to the final moment when Microsoft support for Windows XP ... finally expires in the year 2014. CurrPorts 2.05 CurrPorts is a software utility designed to help you keep tabs on your Windows computer's open TCP/IP and UDP ports. This program will also allow you to close unwanted connections and kill those processes responsible for opening unwanted ports. Information related to your ports' ... (view more)

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PayPal Launches Smartphone Credit Card Reader

PayPal has unwrapped a new device that allows anyone with a smartphone to accept credit card payments. Unlike some other systems, "PayPal Here" doesn't require any special chips be installed in the phone itself. The idea is to tackle two existing ... problems for merchants who want to take credit and debit card payments: First, card payments usually require the merchant to have a device with telephone connectivity, to allow instant bank verification of the customer's identity and account. Second, taking such payments often entails hefty fees from the card-issuing bank, the merchant's ... (view more)

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Microsoft Hypes WinXP Death via Free Desktop Gadget

The Windows XP operating system is over a decade old, and Microsoft would love nothing more than to see all XP users world-wide upgrade to Windows 7 . To reinforce that message, the Redmond firm has recently released a desktop gadget that counts ... down the seconds to the day it will officially cease support for Windows XP once and for all. Microsoft Treats Windows XP as an Addiction It appears as if the software giant is casting XP users in the same light as those suffering from an addiction and in need of help. On the Microsoft download web site, the message reads as follows: "Looking to get ... (view more)

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